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Income Potential

Income potential is great the very first year provided you set sound goals, work hard and focus on a marketing strategy every business day. Watch this video to better understand goal setting in client hours and how this converts to financial revenue.  Our marketing training is key to income potential. Our marketing flowchart is diverse and provides a system of strategies addressing many avenues that provide potential clients who will be confident in your services.

Comprehensive Training

Senior Care Business Coach has a strong coaching team who has the knowledge, experience and highest of standards to provide you the very best instruction in owning and operating your unsurpassed agency.Please take time to read each bio of our coaches and review the overview of our all-inclusive training.  When you call me, I can discuss in detail what this training entails.

Branding Your New Agency

With effective marketing and branding of your agency, senior clients will come.  Best of all, they will share “great news” about your agency with other potential clients and their families.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with absolutely the best, most profitable and personally rewarding senior care agency.   This mission is accomplished through state-of-the-art marketing, professional staffing, cost effective operations, superior branding and free support for six months. Our goal is to provide clients all the tools necessary to become the provider of choice in their communities with the resulting financial benefits.

We provide a comprehensive training solution to help your Senior Care Agency get started..

``We offer a
  • solid
  • profitable
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Business Opportunity``



How much money do I need to successfully start my senior care agency?
5 day training and lifetime support


Outside office


Home office


Website – Included in 5 day training


Letterhead, business Cards, etc.


Advertising, marketing, & working capital


Miscellaneous Expenses


Contingency (10%)




Can I run this business from a home office?

This business can easily be operated from your home office if your State allows. In fact, we recommend it. Franchises generally require an outside office. With us, you can save the cost of an outside office and use this savings to grow your business. Your caregivers work in the clients’ homes and have no need to meet with you in an office. Your clients’ do not come to your home as you meet with them in their home. This is not to say that at some point in your growth, you may find an outside office and staff desirable. However, we have run a successful agency for over ten years from our home office.

Is it difficult to find qualified caregivers?

No. There has been a corresponding growth in certified caregivers with the tremendous growth of the senior market. You want only the very best nursing assistants. Our training focuses on the interview to hire process insuring that you hire only the best caregivers

Do all caregivers need to be certified?

Even if your state does not require an agency license and does not regulate caregivers in the industry, we highly recommend only hiring state licensed Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). There are generally two categories of caregivers, the companion caregivers and the Certified Nursing Assistants. Companion caregivers are not required to be certified by the state but training is required.   Certified Nursing Assistants are state certified and are thoroughly trained in the classroom and on-the job and pass a tough exam before receiving their license. Most states require that CNAs be used for all clients who are fragile and/or require personal care.

Is a private home care license difficult to obtain?

 Most states do require that a private home care license be obtained before beginning service. At last count there were only 14 states that do not require a license. Some of these states are now considering implementing licensure for this business. We see this as an important requirement for protecting our senior citizens. Since Georgia, our state, probably has the most stringent requirements for obtaining a license we guarantee that Georgia clients will receive their license on the first application without any issues. Because of Georgia’s rigorous requirements, the structure of our model provides an easy and important system to follow for clients in other states.

How much money could I expect to make and how soon?

The answer to this question depends on hard work, a passion for seniors, and constant, assertive marketing of our innovative programs. The good news is that unlike a franchise you are not limited to a small territory and there are no royalty fees and other restrictions. Our consulting fee not only is a real bargain but provides superior training and support in every aspect of the business. This gives you the opportunity for quicker and larger returns from your investment. We help you set goals that are reasonable in reaching a six figure profit your first year in business.

How Can I Know If the Senior Care Business is Right for Me?

This is the most important question you should consider before entering the senior care market. There are a number of key issues to carefully consider when making that decision. That is why we offer a free, no obligation, one hour phone consultation to help you understand the business and the characteristics necessary to succeed in this extraordinary opportunity. Call Carolyn now at 1-844-446-5277 to discuss.

Do I need experience as a business owner to be successful in this business?

No. With our proven business model and thoroughness of our training in every business area with on-going FREE support from the owner, you will maximize your opportunity for success and profit.

Do I need to have a healthcare background to start a home care agency?

No. It is important to have a compassion for seniors and a spirit of service to be successful. As the owner, your main focus will be on administration, operations, and growing the business. Your staff of a supervisory Registered Nurse and qualified Certified Nursing Assistants have the necessary healthcare skills and experience to expertly serve your senior clients.

Will my business be limited with your model to a specific geographic territory as required with the Franchises?

 No. With a franchise the geographic area that you may serve is limited to the population or zip code(s) that you purchase. In fact the area you purchase from a franchise will, in time, change as the population turns over from older to younger residents, thus limiting your market. As an independent agency, you determine the size territory you wish to serve and must only adhere to your state’s requirements. In a metropolitan area, this can include as much as ten to fifteen counties.

Once I leave your training sessions how much support should I expect from Senior Care Business Coach?

The answer to this question is “As Much As You Need.” Carolyn will be available by phone, email, and text at no charge for as long as you own your business. Before your first year is up, we expect that you will have gained the experience and knowledge you need to grow, thrive and own a very profitable independent business.

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